Pacific Grove is proud to host the Father's Day Seabreeze Showdown

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Tournament Information and Details

Tournament Rules
The tournament will follow
Pony Baseball Rules, unless otherwise noted below. 

  • Bats: As per above and due to tournament insurance, only USA Bats are allowed.
  • Game Length (Round Robin): 6 innings unless the time limit is reached. The time limit is no new inning after 1hr 40min from the official start time (as determined by the umpire). Any inning started will be completed.
  • Game Length (Championship Games): There will be no time limit enforced in the Championship games.
  • Tie Games: Tie games are allowed in round robin play. Bracket games will be played until there is a winner. The 7th inning will be played by normal rules. If there is still no winner, the following Tie Breaker rules will apply for the 8th inning forward. 
    - Last recorded out will be placed on 2nd base.
      - Inning will start with 1 out.
    •  Pitching Limits: The MLB Pitch Smart Rest rules will be in effect, as outlined in the Pony Baseball Rulebook.
    •  Substitutions: Teams may follow Continuous Batting or Batting 9. Continuous batting allows for free substitutions. Batting 9 standard substitutions rules apply.
    •  Home/Visitor Assignments: On Friday and Saturday, the Home team will be determined via a coin flip. On Sunday, the team with the higher seed (i.e. lowest number) will be the home team.

    Tournament Scoring and Bracket Seeding

    •  GameChanger: Both teams will assign an official scorekeeper and keep score in GameChanger. Lineups must be loaded into GameChanger before the start of the game and both scorekeepers will link their games by scanning the other team's lineup. In the event of a disagreement, the home team's GameChanger will be considered official.
    •  Final Score Reporting: The home team should email the final score to [email protected]. All scores will be posted as soon as possible on the tournament website.
    • Bracket Seeding: Seeding for Sunday will be based on the following:
      1. Best Record
        2. Runs Allowed
          3. Runs Scored
            4. Coin Toss

          Tournament Entry and Concessions

          • Concessions:  Each of the three ballparks in use for the tournament will have concessions available for purchase. No outside food or drinks are permitted into the ballparks, with the exception that each team may bring water for the players to consume during the games.
          • Entry Fees: Wristbands will be issued to monitor paid attendance. A wrist band can be purchased at the Muni Ballpark (230 17 Mile Drive, Pacific Grove) for $12 for anyone 13+ years and $8 for children (6-12 years old). Wristbands are good for all parks and games for the weekend. Children 5 and under are free.
          • Payment Methods: Both concessions and entry gate fees can be paid by cash, card or Apple Pay.Need Help?

          Tournament Contact: Our Tournament Directors can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected] for any issues throughout the weekend.

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